Dawn Gray offers consulting, legal research and writing services on family law issues for family law attorneys and for civil attorneys facing family law issues. With over 33 years of family law experience, she can help you provide excellence for your clients.

She works with:

  • Sole practitioners who need help with family law cases but are not ready to add an associate.
  • Family law attorneys who need specialized help with complex family law issues without costing additional overhead.
  • Attorneys who prefer going to court, taking depositions, arguing motions or preparing cases for settlement than doing the “back room” work of researching and drafting briefs.
  • Attorneys with complex family law issues in particular cases that need focused attention and in-depth treatment.
  • Family law attorneys who need to brainstorm complex family law issues.
  • Newer family law attorneys who could use assistance from someone with more experience on particular issues.

If you are NOT an attorney, I cannot assist you. I do not represent people in court cases. I do not accept projects from non-attorneys. If you need an attorney,
please contact your local Bar association.

If you are an attorney…

Ms. Gray can assist you when you need it without adding additional overhead. She works on single issues or on every contested legal issue in the case. She can aid your practice in many ways.

  • Her reasonable hourly rate can save your clients money.
  • Delegating research issues and pleading drafting frees your time for more hands-on attention to your cases.
  • Her experience means that she understands the issues.
  • She focuses on complex issues that may not regularly arise in your cases.
  • She is available to discuss your case on your schedule.
  • She uses law office technology for efficiency and to lower costs.
  • You only use her services when you need assistance.
  • Her research and writing skills will help you produce an overall better result for your clients.